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The Currencies of the Hindu States of Rajputana

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The author, who was posted as Surgeon Captain in the Indian Medical Service, Bengal Army, in his leisure hours during the years spent on duty at the courts of Udaipur and Bikaner, devoted his attention to the subject of coinage in the native states of Rajputana. The amount of local coins circulating in the Rajput states was very large, almost the collection of a century. The coins were fashioned in a crude way with a hammer and anvil and had plain unmilled edges. Stamping was carried out in a similarly rough manner – one workman holding the piece of metal between two dyes, while another workman with a blow from a heavy hammer completed the coin. Gold, silver and copper coins were minted. Some of these mints were later closed down due to an order of the British Indian government in 1870. However some rupee coins were given permission to continue. The book covers the history of the coins of Mewar, Dungarpur, Marwar, Jhalawar, Alwar, Bharatpur, etc.


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William Wilfrid Webb