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The Coins of the Bengal Presidency : The Coinage of the East India Company Part I (Hardcover)

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This new book, on the Bengal Presidency, is the first in what is now a planned series of three to cover all the presidencies. The
bulk of the book comprises ten chapters:
1. Calcutta mint, early years, 1757-1760
2. Calcutta mint, 1761 to 1790
3. Pulta mint 1780-1786
4. Calcutta mint, 1790 to c1802
5. Other mints in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa
6. Calcutta mint, c1800-c1830
7. Benares mint 1775-1830
8. Mints in the Ceded & Conquered Provinces
9. Calcutta mint. Coinage with steam-driven machinery c1818 to 1835
10. Soho mint
The other mints covered in chapter 5 include Murshidabad, Patna, Dacca, Monghyr and Cuttack, with mention also of Tripura and
Garhwal, while the mints covered in chapter 8 include Ajmir, Agra, Allahabad, Bareilly, Dehli, Farrukhabad, Gwalior, Hathras,
Najibabad, Saharanpur, Saugor and Sohagpur

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