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The Coinage of Manipur

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Library of Numismatic Studies Pages : 96 p, 4 col. plates
Foreword. Preface. Introduction. 1. Accounts of coins in the early period: i. Gharib Niwaz (1709-48 A.D.) ii. Gaura Singh (1756-64 A.D.) iii. Jaya Singh (c. 1764-98 A.D.) iv. Labanya Chandra (c.1798-1801 A.D.) v. Madhu Chandra (c. 1801-04 A.D.) vi. Chaurajit Singh (c.1804-12 A.D.) vii. Marjit Singh (1812-19 A.D.) viii. Burmese occupation (1819-25 A.D.) ix. Gambhir Singh (1825-34 A.D.) 2. Anonymous bell-metal sels. 3. Attribution of the small sels. 4. Summary conclusions about the coins of Manipur. 5. Catalogue of the coins of Manipur. 6. Large anonymous crude sels of the eighteenth century. 7. Forgeries. 8. Minting technology and Meitei Kingdom mint. 9. Bibliography. Appendices. Plates: I. Sikkim and Manipur I to IV

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