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The Coinage of Jaintiapur

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The coinage of Jaintia has been some what neglected by collectors and scholars over the years. A few of the coins have been quite common, but many collectors have spurned them because of the poor quality of silver, thinking that they may be forgeries. The first serious collector of Jaintia coins in Kolkata was the late Vasant Chowdhury, who built up what was, at the time, the finest collection of the series ever assembled. After his sad death in 2002, his collection of Jaintia coins was bought in its entirety by the prominent Kolkata collector, J.P. Goenka, who has continued to add to it with commendable diligence.

This book will help to place on record, not only the numismatic history of the Jaintia Raj, but also to recall the sad demise, under the British, of a once proud state.

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N G Rodhes & S K Bose

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