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Standard Catalogue Of Sultanate Coins Of India

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The present volume comprises the coinage of the Sultans commonly known as the Patan or  Pathan King’s of Dehli . With some reluctance I have abandoned this time-honoured designation, for the reason that the word , Patan is synonymous with Afghan, and most of the Sultans of Dehli were not Afghans. The founder of the line of Dehli, Muhammad bin Sam.
This wide empire, although it underwent many temporary retrogressions, gradually advanced in extent up to the
time of Muhammad bin Taghlak, when, according to the account of Siraj-ad-din Umar of Oudh, it included the following provinces
Dehli. Oudh.
Deogir. Kanauj.
Multan. Lakhnauti.
Kohram. Bihar.
Samanah. KaiTah.
Siwistan (Sehwan). Malwah.
tJchh. Labor.
Hansi. Kalanur.
Sirsuti. Jajnagar.
Malabar. Telingana.
Gujarat. Dwara Samundra.

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