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Sangam Age Tamil Coins

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There are a few benchmarks in our knowledge of the ancient Tamil speaking people, popularly referred to as the “Sangam Age” of the Tamils and approximately spanning the period from 300 B.0 to 300 A.D. They are: the discovery of the literature of this age; the reading of the names of some kings of this period in the Tamil Brahmi inscriptions; the identification of some coins assignable to this age; the definite attribution of a coin with the legend Peru-valuthi, embossed in Tamil- Brahmi script, to the Pandya King of this period by R.Krishnamurthy, the author of this monograph. This book is the result of his painstaking effort over a decade to collect, classify and understand the coins of this age and bring out in English a comprehensive study in a single volume. Illustrated with line drawings and attractive multicolour photographs of coins, it is likely to remain as a standard reference work to historians, numismatists, coin collectors and the general readers interested in the Sangam Age of the Tamils and their coins in particular.

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R. Krishnamurthy