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Newly Discovered Copper Hoard Weapons of South Asia

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Contents: Preface. 1. Copper hoards collection in National Museum, New Delhi. 2. Some new anthropomorphic figures from Ganga-Yamuna doab. 3. Newly discovered lugged shouldered axes from Western U.P. 4. New copper hoards in some private collection of North India. 5. Copper hoard implements in the National Museum, collection : 1986-1987, New Delhi. 6. Copper hoard : a brief history : 1964-1986/S.P. Gupta. 7. Harappan and OCP in Ganga-Yamuna doab. 8.i. Amorphous finds knowns as copper hoards/D.K. Chakrabarti and Nayanjot Lahiri. ii. Chemical analyses of copper hoards of South Asia/Andreas Hauptmann and M.J. Hughes. 9. List of copper hoards and its related sites in doab. Select bibliography. Index. “This book Newly Discovered Copper Hoard, Weapons of South Asia includes chapters on copper hoard collection in the National Museum, New Delhi, new anthropomorphic figures from Ganga-Yamuna doab, new lugged shouldered axes from the Western Uttar Pradesh, new copper hoard in private collections of North India, copper hoard implements in the National Museum, New Delhi, brief history of copper hoards from 1964 to 1986, Harappan and Ochre coloured pottery in Ganga-Yamuna doab, archaeometallurgy of copper hoard, and list of Harappan, copper hoard, O.C.P. and related sites in Ganga-Yamuna doab. Till today around 5031 copper hoard implements have been reported from 197 sites mostly from Gangetic plains among which 193 are in National Museum collection. We have fixed date of copper hoards from circa 2800 to 1500 B. C.


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