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Kushans in Kashmir

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Much has been already written and said on the Kushan Empire of the subcontinent Historians dealing with ancient history and culture have written several books and papers on this subject. Broadly speaking the kushan empire at other places stands already explored and documented.

However, Kashmir chapter of Kushan period has been left unattended. Like Kabul, Peshawar, Gandhara, Taxsilla, and Muthera, Kashmir also formed a significant province of the Kushan Empire from first century A.D. to fourth Century A.D. it was in the period of Kanishka that Fourth Buddhist making it an important province, Kushana also made it a permanent political, administrative and cultural seat.They also established their permanent currency mint in it where from the minted coins exclusively for use in Kashmir which were in use up to the period of early Hindu Rajas. Iqbal Ahmad, who is technically qualified in the subject of archaeology besides working in Archaeology Department for last 20 years, has got experience in identifying and deciphering the ancient artifacts. He made extensive surveys and explorations in collecting the information data about Kushans in Kashmir. He could also study the numismatic treasures, archaeologist sites and artifacts. It is after investigation he has written this book titled, Kushans in Kashmir.

The book provides a systematic and in-depth study of Kushan empire with special reference to Kashmir chapter. It is an illustrated work wherein the investigations and results of recent and fresh kushan period archaeological finds of the state have been incorporated. It is first kind of its work on this subject and the people interested in the history and archaeology of Kushans would definitely find it more interesting.

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