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Indian Mint Errors Mint Error Coins From Republic India

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Errors coins have grown into one of the hobby’s most active fields in recent years. This book explores the phenomenon of mint error coin collecting and provides ways to get started with one’s own collection. The book is rounded out by an in-depth description with illustration on the minting process and how error coins are made and how they get out of the mint. It covers more than 30 different error types and the section’s photographs brilliantly include never-before-published images from republic India coinage. It’s a doorway that takes the reader to many different points in the Mint’s production processes, most of which were not known for years. It’s a fascinating introduction to the hobby of collecting these important coins.

Coin flips and Die Clashes, Off-Centers and Off Metal Strikes, Die Caps and Double Strikes and Mules—all of these and more await the reader in this book of ‘Indian Mint Errors’.

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