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History and Coinage of the Rashtrakutas

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Gautam Jantakal (Author)
Gautam Jantakal, born and educated in Bengaluru, began his career in 1999 as a software engineer. After a period of twelve years, he gave up his job to pursue his passion in Numismatics. In 2015, he completed his Masters in Numismatics and Archaeology from the University of Mumbai. He is a passionate coin collector with a keen interest in ancient and early medieval Indian coinage as well as ancient Indian scripts. He has published articles and research papers on Indian numismatics in various bulletins. He is an active member of the Centre of Indian Numismatic Studies (COINS).

Bhushan Kapadia (Co-Author)
Bhushan Kapadia is a qualified Chartered Accountant besides being a Bachelor in Commerce. His passion revolves around the coinage of ancient India. His areas of interest include post-Mauryan coinage from Taxila, Hunnic coinage and inscribed coinage of pre-Satavahana and post-Gupta era besides ancient inscribed seals of the Indian subcontinent.

Prakash Jinjuvadiya (Co Author)
Prakash Jinjuvadiya is a jeweller by profession and hails from Gondal, Gujarat. He and his brother Chetan Jinjuvadiya are passionate about Kshtrapa, Gupta and Rashtrakuta coinages. Over the years, they have brought out many new coin types that have significantly added to our collective knowledge of Indian numismatics.



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Gautam Jantakal, Bhushan Kapadia, Prakash Jinuvadiya