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Erach Rediscovered: Coins, Inscriptions, Seals and Sealings

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Erach Rediscovered: Coins, Inscriptions, Seals and Sealings is an exhaustive research on the archaeology of Erach, the capital of Chedi-Dasarna Mahajanapada (Dist. Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh). Scope of the book ranges from 6th century BC to 5th century AD. The chapter on coins deals with Punch-marked coins of Janapada era; copper punch-marked and cast coins of Mauryan period; inscribed coins of City-State of Erach; coins of monarchical rulers; coins of Mitra and Sena dynasties; coins with regal titles; and a few coins of later period. In all 150+ b/w images and 120+ colour images of coins are illustrated. The chapter on inscriptions include an inscription of Damamitra of Baimbika dynasty that opens a new vista in ancient political history of north India. Inscriptions of Erach also spread light on sacrifices like Pundarika and Sarvamedha. Seals and sealings from Erach include those of City-State of Erakachha; Agnimitra, Apollodotus II, Rajamatya, Amatya, Samgha, Vibhunaga and of Sriputra. Other chapters deal with terracotta, sculptures, architecture, pottery, pre-historic copper & stone tools, and religion of Erach. Five appendices at the end discuss Syavari inscription; archaeological evidence of Kalidasa; Pushyamitra’s dynastic name; coins of Pushyamitra; and about Bhaktimanohara manuscript. The book has colourful plates of all the archaeological discoveries.


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