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Early Indian Symbols: Numismatic Evidence

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Art and Religion are two characteristic manifestations of any civilization and a study of these aspects in facts a real peep in the life of the people and society, both in time and space. Symbols have always represented an important and revealing expression of Art and Beliefs. These continue to do so even now. In the Indian context, that symbols are usually assigned specific sectarian affiliations but the present study shows that it is not always so as the symbols have different contextual meaning and transcedental character. And endeavour has been made in the book “Early Indian Symbols: Numismatic Evidences” to make a detailed study and critical assessment of the origin and developments of some of the important symbols, such as, Surya, Svastika, Chakra, Srivats etc. While numismatic evidences have been thoroughly examined, other archaeological materials and literary sources have also been referred to in support to the book. The development of forms of different symbols has been classified and show through charts and tables. The inclusion of some of the anthropomorphic forms of early Indian and foreign details has further added to the value of this book. In view of its scientific presentation based on intensive analysis, the book is an important and significant contribution in the field of Indian History and culture in all its wider ramifications.


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Savita Sharma