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Corpus of Mughal Coins of India, Volume 3: Silver & Gold Coins in the names of Dawar Bakhsh, Shah Jahan I, Murad Bakhsh and Shah Shuja (1627-1659)

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Corpus of Mughal Coins of India is a series of six volumes. The Corpus deals with all the coins issued by Mughal Emperors within modern countries of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tibet, Nepal & Bangladesh from 1526 to 1858. These coins include not only all the coins issued by the Mughal Emperors, but also all the coins issued by provincial rulers in the name and style of these Mughal Emperors. These include Independent Kingdoms, Princely States and East India Company. Coins of each ruler are appended with actual photographs of a coin of both the sides. This has been supplemented along-with eye copies of the Persian legends as seen on the coins. For this black calligraphy pen is used to over-write on each segment of the legends on a coin. This helps in understanding how the legends or couplets on a given coin are arranged.

This is followed by in depth details of both the sides of a coin. For this, coinlegend is written in Persian script to indicate the flow of the legends on the coin. To make it clear and lucid, a transliteration of the Persian script is also given in English.

Vol. 3 comprises of silver and gold coins issued from ninth to twelfth Mughalrulers, viz. Dawar Bakhsh, Shah Jahan I, Murad Bakhsh and Shah Shuja.


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