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Coins of the Sikhs – Sri Amritsar Jiyo

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This book is an attempt to revive the glory of a neglected cause and to afford it its right place in the annals of history. Of all the coins of the Sikhs, the coins of Amritsar mint are the most intriguing. Amritsar was never a mint town before the Sikhs started minting coins with the mint name Amritsar. The mint started at the start of the Sikh rule and ended with the demise of the Sikh empire.

Distributed over a large area, the variety of Amritsar coins is huge. In view of the vast variety of these coins this book is dedicated to the coins of Amritsar mint. It deals with the gradual evolution of the coins from their initial uncomplicated form to coins reflecting the splendid artistry of the calligraphers of that time.

This book is at the same time a catalogue and a research document. Instead of sketches, this book illustrates actual images of the coins. Even the symbols have been derived directly from the images of the actual coins.


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