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Brahmi : Rediscovering the Lost Script

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Brahmi: Rediscovering the lost script explores the origin and antiquity of India’s ancient script Brahmi that served as a base for all our modern scripts. Brahmi is probably the ancient script known to India, majorly seen during 4th – 3rd century BCE, during the reign of Asoka the great. “Brahmi script” is the mother of almost all Indic Scripts as well as scripts of other eastern Asian countries like Sumatra, Java, Bali, China and Malaysia. The book is a comprehensive analysis of the Brahmi as a script in addition to covering all major Brahmi inscriptions found in India. This book also talks about ancient writing styles and how they further developed into various other descendants. Numerous historical tidbits have been pieced together for the sake of maintaining continuity and interest. The challenging task of translating large amount of text into visual data has also been achieved through plethora of photographs, illustrations, and chronological timelines. Unlike other books on history and epigraphy, Brahmi: Rediscovering the lost script is a visually interactive book that aides understanding. The book also includes: 1. A comprehensive study of pioneering epigraphist of India 2. Study of evolution and development of “Brahmi” Script 3. Comparative analysis of various forms after site visit to all major Asokan sites spread across India. The book has been accepted by epigraphy enthusiasts and scholars alike. Eminent historian Romila Thapar also appreciated the effort while reviewing the book. Dr. Preety Trivedi, Professor and Head, Dept. of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, RTM Nagpur University feels, “This graphic book has attempted to bring forth the many mysteries of the origin of our ancient script – Brahmi – in a very photographic manner. Studded with chronologies, timelines, rare site images and numerous inscriptions, the book endeavours to bring forth a very complex subject effortlessly. In addition to the subject matter, the book for the first time brings out the lives and hard work of leading Indian Epigraphists which lead to the ultimate deciphering of this script lost in antiquity. This book also goes on to fulfill the desire of a person avidly interested in reading about India and its past. I strongly recommend this book to everyone who wants to know about the origin of writing in India and the Brahmi script; its evolution and importance as the mother of all modern Indian scripts.” The book has made its way to all major Indian Universities/ Institutes libraries including the Libraries at Indian Parliament, IGNCA, Ashoka University and many others.


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