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Age of Traikutakas: Coins, Inscription and Art

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This book is an attempt to understand the contributions of the Traikutakas, a dynasty that ruled over North Konkan in the fifth sixth century CE, by considering various types of data and art history related to them. This book primarily focuses on the artistic developments in this region during the reign of the Traikutakas and also details the motivational factors behind specific developments in art and architecture further, there has been an attempt to assess their contributions to artistic developments and continuity in their positions as the ruling dynasty of the region. The first two chapters deal with the political career of the Traikutaka kings and the issues and problems related to their chronology. The third chapter deals with the 5 important copper plates of the Traikutaka Age as well as the coinage issued by Traikutaka kings. Translations of two of these copperplates are published here for the first time. In the fourth chapter, the cultural background (Fifth and 6th Century CE) is described using epigraphical, numismatic, and art historical data. An attempt has been made to understand art historical data by employing archaeological methods. The subsequent three chapters deal with Traikutaka architecture, sculptures and iconography, and their chronology. Finally, a brief review of the book with concluding remarks ends the book. The Age of Traikutakas continues to be a relatively unknown and mysterious period in India, and especially Konkan, history, and its is hoped that the exposition in this book will excite future researchers into solving its many exciting puzzles. About The Author Born on 22nd?March 1977, Dr. Suraj A. Pandit is working as Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology at Sathaye College, Mumbai. He is also Chairperson of Board of Studies in Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology, University of Mumbai as

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