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A Catogue of the Sangam Age Pandya and Chola Coins in National Museum Colombo, Sri Lanka

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The coin collection in the Colombo National Museum comprises more than 85,000 coins, which belongs to the period between the 4th century B.C. to the second half of the 20th century A.D. in Sri Lanka. Surface collection, purchase, loans and donations from 1877 to the present time comprise this collection. Some of them were minted in Sri Lanka while others have been minted in India, Arab countries, Greece, Rome and China. The coins from other countries may have reached Sri Lanka as a result of commercial activities.
Among this varied collection, seventy-three are Sangam Age Tamil coins. Seventy out of the above belong to the Hettiarachchi collection. Forty-four coins, fairly in good condition, were selected from this lot and included in this catalogue for detailed study.
This catalogue is published in the hope that it will kindle the interest of others in the numismatic field and induce them to embark on further research on coins of this type found in other areas or places.

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R. Krishnamurthy