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Unique Andhra Coins by Deme Raja Reddy

Unique Andhra Coins by Deme Raja Reddy

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About the Book:

Contents: Foreword. 1. Brief Andhra history. 2. Metals and alloys used for making Andhra coins through the ages. 3. Andhra Janapada coins. 4. Imperial type of punch marked coins from Andhra. 5. Uninscribed lead coins found in Andhra. 6. King Gobada of Kotalingala. 7. Samagopa of Kotalingala. 8. Chimuka Satavahana. 9. Gautamiputra Satakarni. 10. Satavahana kings with Vasistiputra title. 11. Kaushikiputra Satakarni. 12. Ship type of Satavahana coins from Chebrolu. 13. Kodur hoard of Telugu Choda coins. 14. Kakatiya gold coins. 15. Chamtamula of Ikshvaku dynasty. 16. Satrap or official's coins. 17. Roman coins found in Andhra. 18. Nasiruddin Ismail Shah and Bahmani coins. 19. Muhammad Bin Tughluq. 20. Eastern Chalukyan coins. 21. Vijayanagar coins and coin of Venkatapatiraya of Aravidu dynasty. 22. Qutub Shahi coins. 23. Asaf Jahi coins. 24. Numismatic information in Kasi Yatra Charitra. 25. Recent acquisition of a large hoard of coins to the Hyderabad museum-historical significance of the coins. 26. The story of the gold coin chains adoring Lord Venkatesa.

The Andhra coins are unique among Indian coins in three important aspects. They were the first rulers to issue coins made exclusively of lead since the earliest times and this almost lasted for thousand years. High officials of the ruling dynasty with such titles as Mahatalavara, Maharathi and Mahasenapathi issuing coins was another feature of Andhra rulers. They were one of the first kings in the country to issue coins in their names and Gobhada was the first ruler to issue coins in his name in Andhra. There were many other unique features of Andhra coins which are discussed in the book

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