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The Copper Coins of India by W.H Valentine

The Copper Coins of India by W.H Valentine

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 About the Book:

Reprint Edition 2014 , pages 272, maps 4,royal 4vo, Paperback.

Including Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal and Pakistan (in 2 Parts Bound in 1)

The varied types used on the coins, the larger sized dies and the different alphabetic signs and languages present an apparently endless series of puzzles. The object of this work, is to help the collector solve some of these fascinating problems' and assist him in arranging his Indian coins in a methodical manner.

The plan followed is a geographical one, encompassing India and her neighbours - East Pakistan (presently Bangladesh), BUrma (presently Myanmar), Nepal and Pakistan. A drawing of each coin is accompanied by its description, its transcription and transliteration. Every available source, including several private collections have been consulted. A brief sketch of Indian history, the Hindustani and Persian alphabet and numerals and a glossary of words provide relevant background information.

Coin lovers the world over would appreciate this work wich will effectively serve the practical needs of those possessing Indian copper coins.


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