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Medals of British India - by P. Puddester

Medals of British India - by P. Puddester

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Medals of British India with rarity and valuations. Volume One, Commemorative and Historical Medals from 1750 to 1947 London 2002. 562 pages, over 500 pieces illustrated throughout the text bound in cloth with dustwrapper.
Benefiting from extensive research in the Calcutta and Bombay mints this work charts the medallic history of the British Empire in India and Burma, from the mid-1700's to 1947, featuring more than 1200 medals, 500 of which are illustrated, commemorating or acknowledging events, personages, institutions and significant milestones and achievements of the Raj. Many medals of the Princely States are included especially if there is a particular British interest. Hundreds of new medals were uncovered through the author's research in the Indian mints and are detailed here for the first time. Medals issued by, and on behalf of, Kings & Queens, Maharajahs, governments, viceroys, durbars, universities, colleges, schools, exhibitions, associations and societies, are all described in detail along with the rarity and value of each medal. Far from just a catalogue of medals this work delves into the history of the persons and places found on British India medals and provides background information on the events and happenings depicted. Essays placed throughout the book draw together information on more than twenty-five subjects including: Royal Visits to British India (more than 50 medals for royal visits between 1869 and 1921), Exhibitions and Shows (more than 100 medals), Parsis in India (more than 50 medals), Viceroy Presentation Medals (17 Viceroy medals are illustrated with much new information), Agricultural & Horticultural Societies, Asiatic Society of Bengal, Railway Medals, Chief's Colleges, Photography in India, and many more including an essay on, Durbars, Titles, Customs, Caste & Ceremonies, as they relate to medals. The major universities of Calcutta, Bombay and Madras are represented by more than 200 medals with strong representation by other universities, schools and colleges. Numerous medals illustrate Royal Jubilees and other royal events, medical subjects, art societies, famous persons and rulers of princely states. An extremely detailed general index is included along with an index of medallists, designers, engravers, die cutters, artists, makers, publishers and mints.

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