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Gold Fanams (1336-2000 AD) by Hans Herrli

Gold Fanams (1336-2000 AD) by Hans Herrli

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About the Book:

This book is an elaborate work on Gold fanams in India .It gives information on weight, one sided- fanams, Legends, Attribution, note on genuine, copy, imitation, fabricated or fake fanams. The diverse kind of fanams that book cover are the Vira Raya fanam, the Ikkeri fanam, the Kali fanam, Cobra fanam, Fanams of Maratha of Tanjore, the Kanthirava fanams, fanams with nagri script, fanams with Arabic legends, fanams with psuedo-Persian legends, Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan fanams, modern fakes and fabricated fanams and lot of various unidentified fanams. The book has a very informative Appendix of Dynasties in South India, Account of Aloysis Cadamosto on weight and money in Calicut, notes on coinage of South India, Table of coins from E.Ives-1754 and an article on Indian Gold Myth and Reality


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