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Numismatic Panorama : Essays in the Memory of Late Shri S.M. Shukla

Numismatic Panorama : Essays in the Memory of Late Shri S.M. Shukla

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About the Book:

Preface. Research papers: 1. On Indus seal: the unicorn/Kalpana S. Desai. 2. Two silver punchmarked coin hoards/Rehan Ahamad. 3. Punchmarked coin forgeries/T.R. Hardaker. 4. Relevance of numismatic approach to the study of Mathura/Aruna Sharma. 5. More than one king named Satavahana: an examination/Amiteshwar Jha. 6. Mahakhatapa Vasithiputa Isamahisa/Ajay Mitra Shastri. 7. A coin of Siva Satakarni/P.D. Chumble. 8. The circulation of Satavahana coins in Tamilnadu/Michael Mitchiner. 9. Kushana silver coins/P.L. Gupta. 10. Iconic forms of Siva on Kushana coins/B.N. Mukherjee. 11. Ancient mint at Rohtak/Manmohan Kumar. 12. Roman and Byzantine copper coins/P.V. Radhakrishnan. 13. Abheraka: the earliest western Kshatrapa/Dilip Rajgor. 14. A new western Kshatrapa identified?/R.C. Senior. 15. Kshatrapa coin hoard from Ghantasala/V.V. Krishna Sastry. 16. Ikshvaku coins/M. Veerender. 17. Fire altar type coins of Skandagupta: towards a typological and chronological definition/K.K. Maheshwari and Biswajeet Rath. 18. Shri Ram Kashyap Gotrins/G. Kamalakar. 19. Chemical analysis and metallographic study of South Indian gold coins/V. Pandit Rao and B. Naga Padma. 20. Tin as an element of coinage/M.C. Ganorkar. 21. Unpublished copper coins of early medieval Gujarat/Dhiren Gala and Girish Vira. 22. A new coin of Iltutmish/Al Sayyed and Nicholas Rhodes. 23. Animal motif on the coins of Islam Shah: a note/Danish Moin. 24. Chinese coin finds from South India and Sri Lanka/Joe Cribb. 25. Some interesting coins of Akbar/J.R. Hunnargikar. 26. Some observations on Jehangir's Ilahi rupees from Agra/Jan Lingen. 27. Parodies on Mughal coin couplets/Sanjay Garg. 28. Coins of the Nizam Shahi Sultanate of Ahmednagar/Aravind S. Athavale. 29. A new Holkar coin/Sajid Naim and Dilip P. Balsekar. 30. The acquisition of Indian mints by the English East India Company/K.W. Wiggins. 31. Tea garden tokens of Assam/S.K. Bose. 32. Reminiscence of Palanpur coins/P.J. Surana.



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