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Ceylon Coins and Currency by H.W. Codrington

Ceylon Coins and Currency by H.W. Codrington

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About the Book 

Contents: 1. Metrology. 2. Ancient numismatics. 3. Ancient coins. 4. Roman (including Byzantine), Indo-Roman, and miscellaneous ancient. 5. Mediaeval Ceylon. 6. Mediaeval Ceylon (continued). 7. Mediaeval Indian. 8. Portuguese. 9. Dutch. 10. Dutch (continued). 11. British. 12. Muhammadan. 13. Miscellaneous, mediaeval and modern (far eastern, Venetian, Spanish, Spanish Netherlands, other European, Pagodas and Fanams). 14. Kandyan. Appendices: 1. Vinaya, commentaries, and other Pali and Sinhalese works. 2. Mahavamsa and Tika. 3. Works on metrology. 4. Inscriptions. 5. Documents relating to the Portuguese period. 6. Documents relating to the Dutch period. 7. Documents relating to the British period.

From the Introduction: "The only work dealing with Ceylon numismatics as a whole is Professor Rhys Davids' "Ancient Coins and Measures of Ceylon", published in 1877. This is now out of date, and, though papers on particular epochs have been published, notably by Messrs. J. Still and P.E. Pieris, in the Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, the need of a work embracing the whole history of coinage and currency in the Island has long been felt. The present book is intended to supply this deficiency.

"Coins struck in or for use in the Island have been described fully, as have those found locally, unless already published, when the references have been given to the books or papers describing them.

"The appendices contain the principal documents on which my conclusions have been based.

"Coins purchased in Colombo are so noted, as it is possible that they may have been brought of recent years from India.

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