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Couplets on Mughal Coins of India By Manik Jain

Couplets on Mughal Coins of India By Manik Jain

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About the Book:

Indian Numismatic acquire an unique distinction of having the novelty of versicles on their metallic money along with the other usual discriptions viz., the name of the king, regnal year, IIahi months, Hirji years etc. During the long Span of period AH.932 to AH.1273 (1517 to 1858 A.D.) the Mughal Emperors from Zahiruddin Mohammad Babur to Sirajuddin Bahadurshah II have minted these Novel Coins from their Different mints, scattered throughout the vast Country, at regular intervals. these handcrafted and handstruck specimen were unique in a sense that verses of poems were embodied on the ornamental face of the coin which is unparallel in the world.

A great scholars of the past command adoration for the discovery of the fragrance lay hidden in Indian numismatics. with great patience, sincere devotion., fully utilising their command over the language and the calligraphy they deciphered the metrical language on the Coins with research on fragments of vesicles or sometimes even on fragments of words that appear on the different sections of the coins. Indian numismatic fraternity owes a lot to these scholars. in summing up only their constant perseverance for centuries together has opened the avenue for futhur researches today.

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