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Coins of the Great Kushans by Arvind K. Singh

Coins of the Great Kushans by Arvind K. Singh

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About the Book:

The Great Kushanas, a branch of Yue-Chin tribe, ruled over a wide spread area stretching from part of the territory now in Soviet Central Asia to the interior of the Indian subcontinent. They issued different types of coins in gold, silver and copper which are an important source to know about them. Its study begins in 1830 with the discoveries of coins from Manikiyala Tope (Punjab) by Gen. Ventura, an army officer in the service of Ranjit Singh. After that several coins of the Kushanas have been discovered and the studies of scholars contributed much in the field of the Kushana numismatics. The scope of the present work is to compile and present in a systematic manner the varied evidence of the Kushana coinage in regard to the representation of king, deities, headdress and clothing, legend, script, symbol, technique and to list the coin-types of the Great Kushanas. The survey will be useful for the student to study them with interest alongwith their detailed description and illustration.

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