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Coins of Ahom Kingdom By Anup Mitra

Coins of Ahom Kingdom By Anup Mitra

About the Book:

Coins help reconstruction of history in many ways. It gives authentic records of the status and chronology of the rulers with names, title, date and some knowledge of extent of dominion. The weight standard and purity of metal speak about the economic condition of the state. The technological progress can be assessed through the skill and craftsmanship of the metal workers. The status of art and culture is reflected through these miniature pieces of art. The legend on the coin indicates the language, script and religion patronised by the ruler. Apart from political history close examination of a coinage may paint a picture of the socio-economic condition of the state at different points of time. While looking back at the glorious past of the Indian independent states in the pre-British era, i.e., in the late mediaeval period, the Ahom Kingdom must demand special attention. These rulers were able to maintain their sovereignty for quite a long period continuously except for some short durations although their military power and other available resources were much less than those of contemporary Mughal Emperors at Delhi and Bengal Sultans almost at their door step.


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