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Islam builds in India (cultural study of Islamic architecture)

Islam builds in India (cultural study of Islamic architecture)

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About the Book:

This book is different from the usual descriptive accounts of the Islamic monuments in India and their style. It seeks to understand the background to the architectural creations of Islam, the problems of integrating indigenous techniques with the new environment and purpose. It tries to examine the formal structural motivations in the Pre-Mughal and Mughal stages and the subtle distinctions between the two. It reviews certain open and knotty aspects of the structural beginning of this architecture and material evidence on hand. Above all it tries to understand the regional styles (wrongly called provincial) in their proper perspective, both of common factors and specialties as between Upper Indian and Deccani modes. It is a sympathetic study and an archaeologist’s approach to the historical developments related to the structural modes and lay out patterns. It is to be used for a better and deeper appreciation of the special and complementary place. Islamic architecture has in the unified heritage of Indian architecture. It is profusely illustrated and with many helpful charts and comparative data. It fulfill a void in our overall understanding of the synthesis underlying the spectacular creative spectrum unfolded by Islam after its total and unqualified domicility in India as a partner in its art and cultural endeavors.


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