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The Agrarian System of Moslem India by W H Moreland

The Agrarian System of Moslem India by W H Moreland

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About the book:

The Agrarian System Of Moslem India Is In The Nature Of A Historical
Essay On The Revenue Policy Of The Muslim Sultans And Emperors.

Since The 13th Century An Appreciable Contact Had Been Established Between The Hindu And Islamic Agrarian Systems. The Main Subject Of Study Is An
Examination Of The Methods By Which The State?s Share Of The Farmer?s Produce
Was Assessed And Collected And Of The Arrangements Under Which Portions Of Produce Were
Alienated In Favour Of The Intermediaries. The Main Purpose Is Not To Trace In Detail The
Transition From The Moslem System To That Which Now Exists, But A Brief Reference Is
Required To The Main Factors Which Have Operated Because It Is Only By Consciously
Eliminating These Factors That We Can Reach A Just Idea Of The Conditions Which Prevailed
In The Earlier Period.

It Is A Common Place Of History That The Nineteenth Century Brought To
Northern India A Degree Of Internal Tranquillity Which Had Not Previously Been Enjoyed;
And That The Result Was Seen In A Rapid Growth Of Population And The Development Of
Competition For Productive Land. In The Moslem Period, Such Competition, Scarcely Existed,
Outside Relatively Small Areas; And We Have To Bear In Mind That, In Most Parts Of The
Country, Land Was Waiting For Men With The Resources Necessary For Cultivation. Another
Gift Of The Nineteenth Century Was What Is Conveniently Described As The Rule Of Law,
Superseding By Degrees The Personal Rule Of The Moslem Period, While A Third Factor Was
The Spread Of Benevolent Or Philanthropic Ideals Which Characterised The Country, Not
Merely In India, But Throughout The Civilized World.

A Comprehensive History of India

A Comprehensive History of India

Rs 700.00

Vol Five Part One
The Delhi Sultanat AD 1206-1526
Edited by Mohammad Habib
Khaliq Ahmad Nizami

Despotism on Trial by Radhey Shyam

Despotism on Trial by Radhey Shyam

Rs 1,000.00

About the Book:
History of Balban and His Successors.

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